Deer antler chew toys

Raise your paw if you like your owner to brush your teeth!

It´s possible there is not one dog in this world that enjoys their owner rummaging through their teeth, and less the taste of dental cleaning product.

With time the tooth brush and dental paste has given way to other more interesting products for our dog, like edible dental sticks or bones for dogs. Even so, these products are not completely natural and always run the risk of making your dog feel unwell. Continue reading

Baby´s best friend

Here we have collected some cute photos of baby´s best friend. Studies have shown children growing up with a canine best friend teaches responsibility, empathy and non verbal communication skills earlier than their pet-less counterparts. Not to mention developing immune systems at less risk of asthma and allergies.

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How to care for your French Bulldog

The French bulldog, also known as the ´Frenchie´ was usually found in the high society cafes of the Bourgeoisie.

These days their small size, friendly-nature, and playful character make them one of the most popular breeds in every home.

If we want our French bulldog to have a full quality of life it´s necessary to know the specific needs they require, according to their physical features and character. Continue reading