Hearing dogs

We have all heard of dogs for the blind, but have you heard of dogs for deaf people?

Being the intelligent animals they are, dogs can help us in all parts of our lives. For years man’s best friend has been assisting those with sight difficulties, illnesses and for emotional support such as therapy dogs. So it made sense their big brains be put to use helping people hard of hearing. There are now hundreds of dogs around the UK acting as a set of ears for their owner.

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Extinct dog breeds

Your Beagle, Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier and any other breed you may have didn’t just magically form like so, their ancestors after many years evolved to make them how they are today. Of course, along with all living species many forms are lost when their expertise are no longer needed, specifically in the canine world dogs used for hunting.

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Dogs rule Instagram!

Instagram is great, especially if you’re one of the Gudog pack, we love seeing all the adventures being had by all our Gudogs!

You know who else loves it? Our dogs!

The canine community have taken over Instagram with an explosion of sultry selfies and colourful candids and we have put together a few of our favourites.

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