Beware the pine processionary!

pine processionary

The pine processionary (also known as Thaumetopoea pityocampa) is a caterpillar which comes down trees between December and April in a “procession” of several caterpillars winding their way to a soil loose enough to burrow.  

So far, so good. Yet this tiny insect, in the larval stage, can turn out to be extremely dangerous for dogs and humans alike, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.
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Safe Christmas for your dog

christmas safe

Songs of good cheer, Christmas is here! Once again, the Yuletide brings us its many delights: fairy-lit streets, presents, decorations, endless family dinners, crackers and heaps of mince pies, to name but a few.

While grown ups and children alike partake in the merriment, dogs should not be overlooked as Christmas installations can be a source of danger for our hairy friends.

December is the busiest month of the year for vets for a reason!
So if you want to spare yourself some extra stress, read our summary of the things to look out for during the festive season, particulary if it’s your dog’s first (or second) Christmas. Let’s all have, pooches included, a safe Christmas! Continue reading

A festive menu for your dog

festive menu

It’s that time of the year again! Indeed, Christmas is upon us all, humans and fluffy friends alike! 🙂

Got some kitchen time scheduled in the diary already?
Why don’t you make the most of the occasion to cook some savoury delights for your pooch? Any member of the family deserves a festive menu, right? Follow our recipes and make your dog happy this Christmas by putting some yummy in its tummy! But first, some advice before we sart:

  1. Some products should never be eaten by dogs, even in small amounts. Learn how to recognise and avoid them.
  2. Generally avoid salt and sugar for your dog
  3. We recommend asking your vet about your dog’s specific dietary requirements to make your menu 100% suited to your dog.

Ready for The Great British Canine Cook Off?
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Your first walk with a new dog


Just like human beings, every dog is unique. Some are very quiet while some are boisterous. Some love a good walk while some are home lovers. What makes animals all the more endearing and sweet is precisely this uniqueness.

This is also why being a dog sitter can turn out to be more tricky than one would think. You can never know in advance how dogs will behave until you get to know them well.  On the first walk with a strange dog, we thus tend to be on the lookout for its every reaction to different commands and stimuli. Continue reading

5 sport activities to do with your dog

Capture d’écran 2015-06-23 à 12.02.20

Dogs are man’s best friends, especially sportman’s bestfriend! Indeed, practicing sport is the best way to create unforgettable and ludic memories with your faitful partner, and it’s still the best alternative to keep fit!

Practicing sport with your dog is far from being a constraint, but a pleasure for him and you! Our doggies will never complain to have aches or be lazy 😀 on the contrary, they will be more energic than every of your friends and will transmit you this motivation, to put your sneakers on and keep the smile during the effort!

Gudog lets you (re)discover ludic, sport and fun activities to do wwith your dog:



The running surely is the most popular activity for man and dogs! This sport is accessible to everyone and can be practiced whenever and anywhere (be careful to the heath during summer). If you bring your dog to the park regularly, stand by him to wait for you every sunday morning, even if you are the laziest person in the world!


The kayak

Kayaking is a summery sport, but it tends to be very enjoyable for your dog when the heath is too uncomfortable. If you have a little dog, you can put him at the front of the boat, and if he’s bigger he can stay next to your feet 🙂 However, your dog must be used to the water and turbulences.


The Rollerblade

This is a sport for tough and agile people. An excellent way to burn calories with your dog 🙂 However, you must be a true expert because the walk can finish in a complete desaster! It’s safer if you stay in a non-crowded place, with no cars and not to much people.


The ball toss

Throwing the ball to your can prove to be a perfect excuse to practice fitness! In fact, Gudog proposes to you to mix the fun and the sport. When your dog is running to catch the ball, make streches, squats, etc, or even run faster than your dog and try to catch the ball before him!



Some dogs are as talented as International players, thanks to the agility! When your dog will have all the techniques to stop a goal or dribble the ball, you’ll spend unbelievable moments with him, practicing your favorite sport!

What are you waiting for to teach him all these activities?

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Top 10: The most famous dogs in History

Oh my dog! Gudog made a new top for this new week.

We decided to present you an exhaustive list of famous dogs from today’s and yesterday’s History. They may become notorious thanks to their personal achievements or thanks to their master’s celebrity!

Let’s discover all these special dogs.


10. Bo, Barack Obama’s dog


Obama promised his two daugthers to adopt a dog once he will be president. The president kept his words and adopted Bo, a Portuguese water dog. Bo aroused criticism because of his race, but was chosen according to Malia Obama’s allergy. Bo is often called “The First Dog”. Sunny, a female Portuguese water dog,  joined the First Family in 2013.

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Dogs of the Marvel universe!

We all know, the characters of the Marvel Universe, as Captain America, Iron Man etc. Today, Gudog lets you discover the new Josh Lynch’s drawings collection. Each illustration shows a dog in a superhero cosplay!

Lynch is a American illustrator, and once again he amazes us thanks to this Marvellous collection!

Let’s take an eye on these Superdogs!



  Chihuahua Stark

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Sterilisation for bitches

In what cases is sterilisation recommended?

There are several reasons that can lead a person to decide to spay their dog.

The main reason, and the reason why all canine and feline welfare groups recommend sterilisation for bitches, is to be able to have control over the birth of unwanted litters, this way avoiding abandonment or future puppies ending up in the wrong hands.

A female can have litters ranging from two to fifteen or nearly twenty puppies! If each of those puppies (female) may in turn have more litters when they reach sexual maturity, can you imagine how many puppies your bitch will have been able to bring into the world?

If you don’t want to be responsible for all these little ones, you must have the confidence to be able to control your bitch in the receptive phases during her cycles. Avoid contact with other males that haven’t been castrated, check that she can’t escape or get lost, etc.

Another reason that can lead an owner to spay their bitch is for health reasons. Continue reading

Benefits of adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy

Are you thinking about getting a dog for your family? Rather than buying a dog from a pet shop or a breeder, think about the benefits of adopting a pet. Although buying dogs from pet shops or breeders is, in many cases, favoured over adopting a rescue dog, rescue dogs can be just as good of an addition to your family if not better. Here are a few benefits of adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy: Continue reading