Gudog is recruiting in London!

Hello there! You are a dog lover, aren’t you? Have you ever wanted to take care not only of your dog, but of other dogs as well? Did you know you could do it and even earn money doing what you love? Or maybe you have been doing it already and you are looking for a brighter and effortless possibility to continue? Well, we have good news – Gudog is coming to London. And we are recruiting!

What is Gudog, you may ask? Gudog is an online platform that brings together experienced dog caregivers and dog owners. Established in 2012 in Spain we have proved to be a quality service. During this year, we grew fast – now we have 300 registered caregivers and 1440 users. Continue reading

Welcome home, puppy

If you are planning to get a puppy for your household, you have a lot of things to think about beforehand. Here are some things to keep in mind about taking care of puppies. 

Will you have time for it?

During the holidays it is quite likely you have a lot of free time on your hands and you feel an irresistible need to share it with a dog. Think of your usual day to day life, whether or not will you have time to take care of a dog: walking it, playing with it, feeding it, ect. Continue reading

5 random facts about dogs

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Five tips to prevent your dog from suffering a heat stroke

Summer, finally! The sun, the sea, and above all, the heat, a lot of heat, should a heat wave approach.

Surely, you are more than willing to enjoy this marvellous time together with your dog. It is essential though that one takes precautions to prevent your dog from suffering a heat stroke.

What is the heat stroke?

When it’s hot human body passes the heat by sweating. However, dogs have their sweat glands only in the pads of their paws and so their way for heat regulation is panting. Sometimes though panting is not enough for thermo-regulation, especially for those of them with a long fur, and that increases risk of suffering a heat stroke. Continue reading