How to reduce moulting in dogs

Is your home constantly covered in hairs no matter how much you clean? Do you have allergies and need to know which dog would be best for you? Moulting can be a concern for many people and irritating for the majority of dog owners so we are going to explain to you the reasons why dogs moult, how to reduce the amount of hairs floating around the house and which dogs shed more than others.
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Sleepovers with your dog

A dog can essentially be a living cuddle toy, that’s why at night it’s so common to see many dog owners allowing their dogs to share a bed.

There is always a debate on whether it’s a good or bad idea to let the dog sleep in the bed. Where some people think it’s bad, others find sharing their pillow relaxing and comforting. Before you decide, there are many factors to consider. However, the number one rule is to be consistent and stick with your decision. Continue reading