Does your dog spend too much time alone?

Ah, if we could, wouldn’t we spend every day with our dog! Enjoy some quality time together, take long walks and naps whenever we had the chance. But… most of us have duties outside the house! Whether it be for work, studies, errands or some important event, we sometimes have to leave our dog alone for what feels like very long hours. Some take it better than others, and sometimes this situation can even become a problem.

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Stress and Dog kennels

At Gudog we are certain there is no better experience than to share your life with a dog. We are also aware the modern day lifestyle does not allow us to be with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it be for work, holidays, airplane trips, places in which dogs are not permitted or simply situations that would not be comfortable for them.

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Deer antler chew toys

Raise your paw if you like your owner to brush your teeth!

It´s possible there is not one dog in this world that enjoys their owner rummaging through their teeth, and less the taste of dental cleaning product.

With time the tooth brush and dental paste has given way to other more interesting products for our dog, like edible dental sticks or bones for dogs. Even so, these products are not completely natural and always run the risk of making your dog feel unwell. Continue reading