Your dog gives 10 reasons to choose Gudog

1. My dog sitter will take photos of me to show you how much fun I’m having.


2. I will have my own space in a warm house where I can relax without bother. Just like at home!


3. As I won’t be alone, I won’t destroy things.


4. My dog sitter will take me on lots of walks full with new smells to enjoy.


5. They will play with me just like you do.


6. They will respect my routine and eating times.


7. My dog sitter will spoil me with affection.


8. I will make another human best friend.


9. If I need special care, I will have someone tending to me.

2927742751_393d007302_b10. Most importantly….I will return home happy!


Have I convinced you?!

Well now Gudog is accepting registrations for dog sitters, if you are interested or know someone register here. We would be honoured to have you in our pack!

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