15 signs that you are a dog owner

Apart from the obvious fact that you own a dog, here are a few things that every dog owner will have in common!

1. You only have a few inches of the bed to yourself. It’s the dog’s bed, not yours!

Pit bull cuddling in bed

2. You accept the fact that everything that you own will forever be covered in hair.


3. You have a never-ending supply of poop bags in every single one of your jackets, coats and bags.


4. You splash out on new dog toys and beds when really you know they are never going to be used.

Dog Area_Before

5. You consider your dog as your baby and talk to them in a high-pitched voice.


6. You have an immediate connection with someone when you find out they also have a dog.


7. You buy your dog Christmas presents, wrapping and gift tags included!


8. You cannot trust people who do not like dogs… who doesn’t like dogs?!


9. Bonfire night is the worst holiday of the year.


10. You know the names of your neighbours’ dogs but not your neighbours’ names.


11. You spend more time reading reviews and nutrition facts about different types of dog food than you spend reading nutrition facts about your own food.


12. You talk to your dog and respond back to yourself for them in your head… or out loud. “Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy aren’t you? Yes you are. Have a biscuit.”


13. You have scrolled through recent photos on your phone or camera only to realise they are all photos of your dog.


14. You say “bless you” after your dog sneezes.


15. Your windows will always have smudges on them no matter how many times you clean them.


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