Deer antler chew toys

Raise your paw if you like your owner to brush your teeth!

It´s possible there is not one dog in this world that enjoys their owner rummaging through their teeth, and less the taste of dental cleaning product.

With time the tooth brush and dental paste has given way to other more interesting products for our dog, like edible dental sticks or bones for dogs. Even so, these products are not completely natural and always run the risk of making your dog feel unwell.

Deer antlers for dogs

Sometimes nature leaves us with wonderful things. Did you know the male deer loses his antlers every spring after mating? Those antlers are collected in the forest and used for specific functions, for example, a natural toothbrush for our dogs.

Natural toothbrush for dogs

You have read correct! Deer antlers clean the teeth of our dog in a natural way, extracting the marrow inside. This is completely natural and safe for our dog.

Benefits for dogs with anxiety

If your dog has separation anxiety, a deer antler will help calm them, at least for a while.

Satisfy your dog´s appetite

If your dog eats a lot, is very greedy, or a breed predisposed to weight gain (for example the  Beagle), you can leave your dog play with the deer antler just before eating. This will reduce their appetite a little!

Different sizes of deer antler

Whether your dog is a tiny Chihuahua or an enormous Neapolitan Mastiff: there is a specific size for all!

Where to buy deer antlers?

Ask for deer antlers in your local pet shop. Or online you can find them and have them delivered to your door:

Here at Gudog we visited a local pet shop with our loveable Sakura, who since then has spent days enjoying her deer antler, as you can see from the photo. :)

Enjoy your day!

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