Beagle, the eternal puppy

Big ears, affectionate look and an adoration for food…are maybe three unmistakable characteristics of the Beagle, but surely there are a few more you are yet to familiarize yourselves with.

Curiosities about the Beagle:

The Beagle originates from Great Britain, although some historians situate it´s beginnings in Ancient Greece.

It is a hunting dog, mainly of hares and rabbits, something that is reflected in their particular form of barking. The howl of the beagle has served the Hunter for generations to help identify nearby pray.

It is a dog of medium size, although we are starting to become aware of a smaller variant of Beagle, the Dwarf Beagle or also known as the American Beagle. There are also varieties found within their fur: Tri-colour Beagles or Bi-colour Beagles. If you are planning on getting a Beagle puppy do remember black fur tends to fade with age.

Did you know one of the most widely known, comedic characters in the world is a Beagle? Those large ears of Snoopy are unmistakable.

Physical features to keep in mind about the Beagle:

One of their weak points are their big ears. Care must be taken when cleaning their ears as to avoid infection, especially in Spring where spikes of plants can get stuck in the fur and ears, needing a trip to the Veterinary clinic.

Their strong passion for food means we have to be mindful of their weight. The majority tend to be overweight, for them it´s important to measure the quantity of food before filling their bowl, and ensuring they enjoy nice long walks every day.

The Beagle is a dog with a loving temperament, extraordinarily affectionate and playful, ideal for any family with young children.

Due to the design of their nose and constant sniffing it is likely they will suffer one day from the so called reverse sneezing. This is no more than an unoffensive way that they have to sneeze, if not known it can be alarming.

A Beagle Brigade exists in the United States dedicated to the inspection of luggage in airports for detecting prohibited agricultural products.

Exercises to train a Beagle:

If you are intending to share your life with one of these adorable doggies you should have in mind a few things; they have a strong instinct to hunt and unbeatable sense of smell, if you don´t want any surprise escapes we recommend you train them from an early age, and practice regularly your call of order.

The Beagle can devour food, for them it is incomprehensible to leave food alone. It is advisable not to leave anything in their reach or there is no doubt they will figure out how to get it. For proof of their skills watch the following video.

Therefore it is necessary to train from a puppy to leave food, at home and in the street. If your furry friend eats anxiously and rapidly there are a few anti-anxiety food to be found in any pet store. These can be helpful to slow down their eating, and result in a healthier digestive system.

If one of these great breeds form part of your team you are very blessed, they bring much joy to the lives of their owners. If on the contrary, you don´t yet have one at home and are thinking they could be your ideal companion, adopt a Beagle it´s a unique experience.

Do you know anything else interesting about this breed? Let us know!!



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