Border Terrier Day

Gudog team found out that today is the #BorderTerrierDay on Twitter. We couldn’t let the opportunity slip and so we share with you some interesting facts and tips about these awesome dogs. And remember – soon you will be able to leave your pooch in the experienced hands of Gudog’s caregivers. 

Did you know that..

  • the Border Terrier originated in northeast England, near the border with Scotland, during the 18th century?
  • these good-natured dogs were originally bred to assist in foxhunts, hence their powerful drive to dig?
  • the male Border Terriers are about 13 – 16 inches tall, while  females reach 11 – 14 inches of height?
  • they love to be with their humans, and when left on their own, they can be noisy and destructive?
  • Border Terriers do well with other dogs and with family cats?
  • these dogs are active and bouncy. They love jumping up on people to greet them?
  • Border Terriers become overweight easily? (So be sure to watch closely its diet, if you happen to own one)

cool border


And today our readers get a bonus link to a Animal Planet video about Border Terriers!


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Border Terrier

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