Cool cross breeds

Every breed has their own distinct features; greyhound with their skinny bodies, Chow Chow with their bear like coats of fur and Pug with their squashed up faces. What happens however when you mix these breeds, how do the end results turn out.

Here are a collection of rare cross breeds

1. Bulldog and Golden shepherd- The Bulldog, a normally tough looking breed has been softened by the Golden shepherd’s copper tones and round doe eyes.




2. Chow chow and German shepherd– Instantly recognisable is the German shepherds long face, but with a slightly wilder Chow like fur.




3. Shar-pei and Cocker spaniel- The Cocker spaniel balances out the Shar pei’s strong features and unique fur, resulting in a softer looking Shar pei. However it is apparent as a breed with such a unique look the Cocker Spaniel is some what over-powered.




4. Pitbull and Husky– At first sight you see an exotic looking Pitbull, with greater inspection the snowy features of a Husky can be seen.




5. Labrador and Husky– The Husky has struck again, as a breed with such strong features it makes for a beautiful mix. Easily recognised by their unique fur and eye colours.




6. Chihuahua and Beagle– This adorable mix looks like something out of a Disney film, big floppy ears on a small cherub face, a very cute combination!




7. Dachshund and Golden Retriever– Golden locks combined with the famous sausage shape body of the Dachshund, an undeniable mix.




8. Corgi and Dalmation– possibly one of the easiest breeds to recognise, the dalmation’s unique fur pattern can appear out of place on the body of other breeds. However with this Corgi it makes for an interesting sight!




9. Schnauzer & Poodle– Otherwise known as the Schnoodle, these crosses have the most comical nickname, possibly mistaken for a popular late snack.




10. Pug and Chihuahua- One of the oddest looking mixes we’ve seen, a small body with an even smaller face. The should definitely think about taking part in the next big Sci-fi epic!




11. Pomerania and Husky- These balls of fur are possible one of the cutest husky mixes, know as the Pomsky, they are especially cute as puppies which has become internet famous in recent years.




These are just a few of the rarest cross breeds out there, if you know of any others let us know here at Gudog!

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