Dog Kennels and the Alternative

Finally, finally we have some time off work that we can enjoy spending with our family, friends and of course our beloved pets. Yet, sometimes you decide to take advantage of this couple of weeks off and travel. Travelling is great, isn’t it? Personally, Gudog team loves going on short and long trips, exploring new places and getting a taste of something new. And while many of us take our pets on vacation with us, sometimes the location or the distance makes the trip not so pet friendly. Alas, sometimes even impossible.   So what do dog owners choose when they have to leave their dog behind for a couple of days? Here are some things to consider to ease the transition when you need to board your dog. 

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Some of decide to leave their dog at a dog kennel. Well, while it is definitely one of the most popular options for dog boarding, as a dog owner you should be well informed as to the conditions at the chosen dog kennel. First, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Let’s start with where will my dog be staying? Most of the dog kennels put dogs in a cage, which can be quite stressful for a dog that is not accustomed to staying in small, restricted places. One should also watch out so the space where the dog will be staying is neat and odour-free. Even though this is generally expected, one can never be too sure.

Then comes the next very important question – how often will my dog be walked? Usually in dog kennels they let dogs out twice a day for couple of minutes only. If your dog is used to it, then there’s no problem. But let’s face it, most of us gives the dog an opportunity to properly stretch its legs. So such a change in the routine can strongly influence your dog’s well-being.

What will my dog eat? That’s another touchy one. A change in diet can be tough to even the most flexible dogs. It can result also in a medical conditions like diarrhoea or vomiting. Most of the dogs won’t eat well or willingly during their stay at a kennel, so it’s crucial to stress how important is a healthy diet. That, in turn, can bear you extra costs.

Will my dog be allowed to interact with other dogs? Well, usually a dog leads a lonely life at a dog kennel, deprived from contact with humans or other dogs. However, some dog kennels allow dogs to play together during the short walking sessions. Yet, this can be rather risky as the dog might not get along well with other dogs or even can be injured during such play sessions.

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Doesn’t sound promising? We think not. So what alternative do the dog owners have? Soon you will be able to leave your pet in the experienced hands of one of the Gudog’s caregivers. It won’t cost you much more than a stay in a dog kennel, yet you will be reassured of the top-quality, personalised care for your gudog. You even will be able get the real time updates to be sure your pet is having a little holiday too.


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