Does your dog spend too much time alone?

Ah, if we could, wouldn’t we spend every day with our dog! Enjoy some quality time together, take long walks and naps whenever we had the chance. But… most of us have duties outside the house! Whether it be for work, studies, errands or some important event, we sometimes have to leave our dog alone for what feels like very long hours. Some take it better than others, and sometimes this situation can even become a problem.

 Among the many unavoidable situations dog owners have to face, one of the most unpleasant ones certainly is leaving your dog home alone. Whether you’ve just popped out to the shops or gone to work for the whole day, each side is unhappy, your dog feels lonely and bored or you feel guilty. When we decided to welcome this little furry friend into our lives, we did mean to take care of it, not to leave it caged between four walls. Some  lucky ones among us are able to pop back home during the day and take their dog out for a walk. Some very lucky ones can even take their canine friend to work, but  they are not the majority.

Warning signs that your dog spends too much time alone

alone dog

Recently, we told you in details about separation anxiety. Many dogs are prone to it and sometimes it can even lead to panic attacks. The symptoms are numerous and can include whining, barking or scratching and destroying furniture. Sometimes dogs may even do their business inside while the owner is away, or right in from of them when they come home. In Alicante, Spain a bill is being drafted to prevent dog owners from leaving their dogs alone for more than 12 hours, else they could be fined from 30  up to 600 euros.

If your dog is usually stable and starts to change all of sudden, pay attention to those warning signs: if it starts hurting itself while chasing its tail frantically, or for instance if it bites or scratches itself raw. Stable dogs appreciate the company of other members of a pack. If yours looks sad or dispirited, it could be because of boredom after many hours alone. If on the contrary, your dog is restless, breaks objects and keeps barking, maybe beyond being bored, your dog needs activity! Try and give it the chance to exert itself several times a day. Or would you rather it used all its energy to redecorate your living room?

What does my dog do when it’s home alone? All dog owners have once wondered about this and The Secret Life of Pets even made it its premiss.

Of course, it’s a work of fiction but it would still be amusing to find out what our dogs do when we’re not there. Well, pet cameras have been invented for that! With the help of a smartphone application and a camera in our house, we can now watch our dogs’ every gesture, and even with the most sophisticated apps, give treats or talk through the microphone.

Some suggestions

Silly as it seems, one of the easiest ways for your dog not to feel lonely is to have great company! Without necessarily suffering from separation anxiety, your dog could be feeling that your working hours are far too long, and that beyond the need to do its business, it just needs someone at home, a walking companion, playmate and affecionate presence. The good news is that we have the solution for you: welcome a Gudog sitter in your pooch’s life!

alone dog

Bruce is patiently for walking time with Raquel

According to the number of hours you will have to be away for, you can opt for the Dog Walking or Doggy Day Care service. If you need these services regularly, you may talk about it with our sitters via the Gudog messaging service and they can send you a personalised reservation and offer you a corresponding fee to be spent in exchange of vouchers for several dog walks for instance. The Dog Walking service lasts an hour, during which the sitter makes sure your dog gets exercise, plays, does its business and exerts itself as much as possible. If you choose the Doggy Day Care, your dog will be staying at the sitter’s house for a maximum of ten hours and according to your preferences, it can be the sitter’s only guest or one of several furry guests. Feeling like a king, your dog will barely notice that you left. Some of our users at Gudog tell us that their dogs are overwhelmed with joy when they realise they are about to go to their sitter’s. This kind of sign definitely means that your dog is in very good hands!

Numerous products designed to entertain your dog while you’re away are available on the market such as Dog biscuits and treat dispenser toys and even audio books designed specifically to soothe dogs. But of course nothing will ever replace our sitters’ love and devotion!

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