Dogs and Children

Many think that having both children and dogs at home is incompatible. The reality is quite different though. However, not only a recent study has shown that dogs and children are, in fact, quite similar, but there is plenty of evidence that children and dogs can live in harmony. What is more, it can be also beneficial for your offspring.  Below you will find a couple of reasons to get a four legged friend for your child. 


Dog Safety
First one is quite obvious – by having a dog at home your child will learn how to be safe around dogs. Can you think of a better way to teach them that? You will have a constant instrument with which to demonstrate safe behaviour around dogs.


Being Gentle
When children are heavy handed, or just simply annoying, the pooch will let them know. They might growl or they might just walk away and deprive the child of puppy play time. This teaches the child that a gentle nature and gentle touch are important when being affectionate with another living being.


Strength and Confidence
As your children get older, they will quickly learn that he must be strong and confident. Otherwise most dogs just won’t listen. Furthermore, telling a dog to sit, and then watching the dog do what he was told, provides children with tons of confidence.

Benefits of Companionship
Friendship. Having a dog by one’s side teaches a child this wonderful gift, how good it feels to have a close friend, and how good it feels to have someone to depend on who also depends on them. This helps children understand the value of both making and maintaining true friendships. Just to remind you the beautiful story of Owen and Haatchi.


A Feeling of Safety
A dog in the house can make a child feel much more secure. A dog can check in the closet for monsters and under the bed for the boogie man. A dog can comfort a child afraid of the dark, and make him feel that his home is protected by a watchful guardian. Also, let’s not forget that dogs do actually protect their humans when in danger.


The Needs of Others
Dogs need food, water, sleep, shelter, and to go outside to go potty. So, a dog is a great way to teach a child that they are not the centre of the universe, and that others have needs too.

Coming from the previous point – once children are old enough to take part in the care of the family dog, they will learn about responsibility. Make a chart of your child’s jobs and put it on the fridge. This gives the child a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.


Are you convinced now? Good. Don’t know what dog to get? Worry not – PetMD suggests the top 10 kids friendly dog breeds.

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