Dogs rule Instagram!

Instagram is great, especially if you’re one of the Gudog pack, we love seeing all the adventures being had by all our Gudogs!

You know who else loves it? Our dogs!

The canine community have taken over Instagram with an explosion of sultry selfies and colourful candids and we have put together a few of our favourites.



Instagram Name: Digbyvanwinkle

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Digby Van Winkle is a Brussels Griffon who although blind in one eye never passes up on the chance to post a photo, he recently welcomed Alo, his new little brother, into the family. They are both kind of a big deal, known for taking selfies and dressing up most days, they also love each other a lot! It’s pretty sweet really.





Instagram name: Dagger

Location: California

Dagger’s Mum is one of the first few employees of Instagram. So you could say Dagger probably had Instagram before you and what an Instagram celebrity he’s become! With a name like Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang there is no wonder really…





Instagram name: pootlepug


Location: Hertfordshire, England


Pootle the Pug loves hanging out with his three siblings Biffy, Bubba and Pippy. They post all their adventures on Instagram to show everyone how much fun they are having, cute!




Instagram name: bully_life

Location: California


Winston is a sweet Bulldog who loves nothing more than posing for a photo. Obviously it’s a job to smile for him but that doesn’t mean he’s not happy!






Instagram Name: thiswilidea

Location: United States


Maddie the Coonhound loves perching on things, she has a super cool Daddy and makes almost anything look cool. We would seriously recommend following her owner’s page for some top notch photography!





Instagram name: Milomeetsworld

Location: Toronto

Milo the Maltese may be mistaken for a tiny hovering cloud, but he is in fact very competent with Instagram. You can also find him on YouTube, but be warned the possibility to overdose on cuteness is high, we mean very high!





Instagram name: Otterthepitbull

Otter loves to party as you can see and then loves sharing it online for all of us to see. When his Mum and Dad got married he was of course the best man (dog) and shared the day with all his Instagram friends.





Instagram name: Corgnelius

Location: Los Angeles

Corgnelius and Stumphrey are two Welsh Corgi brothers who love to read, travel and hugs. They are the best of friends and as you can see on their Instagram are inseparable. You will also note they love dinner time, who doesn’t?!




9. Biggie Griffon, aka #MrStealYoGirl

Instagram name: Biggie Griffon

Location: West Coast

Although pretty tiny, Biggie Griffon could win the award for biggest attitude, he is the “Notorious D.O.G” of Instagram. Biggie is a rap connaisseur, frequently posting rap lyrics in his photo captions, along with a selection of hashtags; #Turnt #Mrstealyogirl #Rapmademedoit to name a few.




10. MOMO

Instagram name: AndrewKnapp

If you loved ‘Where’s Wally?’ as a child then you should definitely follow Momo. The border collie and his dad have made a book where the idea is to ‘find’ Momo within all the beautiful scenery they come across. Cool concept with a gorgeous dog!




If you have a dog and don’t yet have Instagram what are you waiting for! Everyone loves to follow the adventures of a pet pooch, so much fun, freedom and love.

And why not apply and become a dog sitter with Gudog, there you can share all the photos your heart desires 🙂

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