Dye my dog, yay or nay?

Think of canine fashion but with a more permanent effect, dying your dog´s fur has become a growing trend in recent years, favored by many celebrities including Harry Potter star Emma Watson. However questions are often raised as to whether it is an ethical and safe practice for your pet. 

Emma-Watson dog

In London, Groom Dog City seems like your average unassuming dog groomer’s. But look closer and there’s something rather peculiar about a few of those pooches. A specialist in dog dying, these dog groomers transform your pets into colorful, walking rainbows. Owner Stuart Simons insists on the website “we use dyes that are completely non toxic and specially made for Cats and Dogs.”

Human hair dye is notoriously dangerous for a pet who can easily turn around and lick the chemicals off its coat, and can cause irritation to the skin underneath the hair. That is why if you are thinking of creatively grooming your dog always get professional advice. A common method used to dye the fur is food colorant; Blueberries, Beetroot, Strawberries, Carrots, Safron, Spinach, Red cabbage a few of many foods to release strong, natural colors.


In America many pet owners are using a drink mixture called Kool-Aid mixed with fresh water, however it is unlikely an owner would give their dog Kool-Aid to drink, so one wonders whether this is an acceptable alternative considering.


When Anderson Cooper welcomed a few dyed doggies to his show their owners claimed, there’s apparently no harm in what they’re doing to their pooches. One even went so far as to say: ‘I wanted my beagle painted like a zebra before he got married.’ Which prompts yet another question, and perhaps a few hundred more.

Coloring dogs’ coats became a huge fad in China in 2010 when pictures began to emerge of owners and petting zoos that had dyed their dogs to look like wild animals. Chow Chows were given the colors of panda bears, the soft, fluffy coats lending themselves well to the look of their black and white counterparts.

Monochromatic chic: A Chow Chow dog in China is painted in the likeness of panda

I think above all when deciding what is best for our beloved pooch we have to keep in mind one thing, there is a big difference between this…

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If you are considering brightening up your dog´s locks keep in mind a few tips; use safe N.A.P.C.G approved products, avoid getting dye around the mouth or eyes, stick to short sessions of grooming as to not ache your dogs joints, and above all seek a professional opinion.

Happy grooming from Gudog!



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