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#GhostlyGudog: The best scary dog pics

October 31st is Halloween, and here at Gudog we are getting excited for the annual scarefest! 

We’ve picked the top scary dog pics on Insta – prepare to be scared!!

Check out @iggypearllondon showing off her pearly fangs. 

Is it just us or would Hunter look a bit like Batman’s Joker if we put a bit of face-paint around his chops? Thanks for sharing @goldenretriever_n_achihuahua

@jessiethedoberman is SO ready for Howl-oween.

We wouldn’t want to come across @romeo_the_boston in a dark alley…

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Probably wouldn’t want to bump into @imfranktherottweiler either…

Please don’t eat us @k9._.sadie!

If the monster under our bed was @red.rocket.dood, we probably wouldn’t mind.

If the monster under our bed was @shiba_inu_kaji_chan, we probably would mind. 

Luckily @itsfuckos lives in Australia, so we’re unlikely to be bumping into him over Halloween.

Not everyone celebrate Hallowe’en; some like to recognise the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, which you can read all about here on Dog Furiendy’s blog.

However you choose to celebrate spooky season, male sure to keep your pooch safe and happy throughout!

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