How to care for your French Bulldog

The French bulldog, also known as the ´Frenchie´ was usually found in the high society cafes of the Bourgeoisie.

These days their small size, friendly-nature, and playful character make them one of the most popular breeds in every home.

If we want our French bulldog to have a full quality of life it´s necessary to know the specific needs they require, according to their physical features and character.

Exercise: The French bulldog is an active dog who needs at least an hour of exercise every day. It´s recommended to prevent them from jumping at least until they reach one year and a half, as bruises may form in their paws due to the wear in the joints.

Comb the hair: It is advised to comb them 2 or 3 times per week, although in the period of molting it´s advisable to comb the fur more. The direction of combing should be from the tail to the head, against the grain.

Cleaning the folds: It is necessary to have special care with the folds in the face as they can easily collect dust and dirt. You should clean the wrinkles at least twice every week to get rid of the formation of fungus or infections. It is enough to use cotton with water or a damp cloth.

Cleaning the ears: The ears are a delicate part of the French bulldog as it is very easy for dirt to enter. It´s recommendable to wash the ears every week to get rid of wax with a product recommended by your vet.

Care of the eyes: To clean the eyelashes and prevent infections we can use a saline solution and gauze, wiping from the eye outwards. It is advisable to use a separate gauze for each eye.

Teeth: It is not necessary every day, but cleaning the teeth once a week wouldn´t do any harm to eliminate all the bacterias. Although you can find a toothbrush in any pet shop, a gauze wrapped around your finger works just as well.

Bathing: It´s suitable to only wash them once a month. You have to be careful with dryness, as they are a breed prone to catching colds. Make sure to dry their ears well after bath time.

With all this your Frenchie will be the most beautiful dog in town!

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