Where to leave my dog on holiday?

Travelling is great, right? Here at Gudog we love holidays, exploring new places and trying new things. And while many of us take our dog with us, sometimes the location or distance means the trip would not be fun for them and unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible. In these cases, what can dog owners do when they have to leave their dog for a few days?

Some decide to leave their pet in a kennel while on holiday. Even though this is one of the most popular options, as the owner you should be aware of the conditions of any kennel you choose. First, you should inquire about a number of things:

Where will my dog be staying?

The majority of dog kennels keep the animals in cages, what could be more stressful for your dog who is not use to being in such a confined space. Another thing we should keep in mind is if the dog kennel is clean and free from smells. Although it should be, it is necessary to check.




Which leads us on to our next important question:

How often will my dog be walked?

Normally in dog kennels they go for one or two walks each day, which last only a couple of minutes. If your dog is use to this routine there is no problem. But let’s face it, the majority of us walk our dog for a longer amount of time, to stretch their legs and give them a workout. A change in routine can also negatively effect the health of your dog.

What will my dog eat?

Another delicate question. A change in diet can be hard even for the most flexible dog. It can lead to illness, mainly sickness and diarrhea. The majority of dogs don’t eat well during their time in a dog kennel, so what is important is to insist they have a healthy diet. All this can occasionally cost more.




Will my dog be around other dogs?

While you are on holiday making new friends, the dog kennel experience can be a solitary one, lacking in human or other canine contact. However, some allow the dogs to play together during their walks. Although this can be risky, as your dog may not get on with other dogs and could end up with an injury as a result.




Sound encouraging? We think not. So what is the alternative to dog kennels for dog owners?

In 2012 we decided we wanted better for our dogs. Gudog was born: a platform to find experienced dog sitters, available in every city, to safely accommodate your dog in their home allowing you to go on holiday with peace of mind.




Gudog does not cost more than a dog kennel, however your dog can enjoy luxuries that a kennel can not offer: exclusive care for your dog, dog sitters that adapt to your pets needs and routine (diet, walkies time).

With Gudog you will work with a team dedicated to the health of your dog and your comfort: booking a dog sitter takes 3 simple steps and the Gudog team are on hand to help with whatever queries may arise.

And all of our bookings come with veterinary cover in case of emergency.

So that you can enjoy a nice easter weekend and leave ​your dog​ with one of our Gudog sitters, we are giving you a £5 discount promo code

All you have to do is type in EASTERDOGGY before going to payment on Gudog and the discount will apply automatically on the total price. (For all bookings above £45).

We are sure your dog will want to do it again!

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