My dog is fat: 5 tips to help your dog lose weight

If you have ever said to yourself: “My dog is fat”, this is the article for you.

Apart from consulting your vet, you can follow these 5 simple pieces of advice:

1. Go for a run with your dog!

There is a saying that goes: “If your dog is fat, it is because you aren’t doing enough exercise“.

What about going out for a jog every now and again? You don’t have to become a professional runner, you can simply play in the park to see which of you is the fastest.

2. Reduce their food portions

On many dog food brands, the daily quantities our dogs should eat are indicated on the packaging. For example, a dog weighing between 7 and 10 kilos should eat between 115 and 150 grams. If, apart from their usual food, you give your dog treats, give them the indicated minimum amount every day. (In this case 115 grams). This way you won’t over-feed your dog with treats.

3. Reward them with games, not food

If your dog is a few kilos overweight, it is important that you take it seriously as it is their health at stake.

If the vet has prohibited you from giving your dog treats, you should respect this, they know what they are talking about.

When your dog does something good and you want to reward them, what about throwing them their favourite ball, or giving them that toy that they like so much? They will enjoy it just as much!

4. Earn their food!

If your dog is greedy and the food in their bowl is gone within seconds, their are some games you can buy that will make your dog eat more slowly and also help them to exercise their cognitive abilities. You can try out a Kong and put their food inside or a puzzle-style dog bowl.

5. Walk your dog for at least an hour a day

The majority of dogs need a minimum amount of daily exercise. Try to take them out at least once a day for a good walk, not only will you be helping your dog to lose those excess pounds, but it will also improve their socialisation with other dogs and people, they will enjoy sniffing and following new paths and they will sleep much better.

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