Pregnancy In Dogs

Breeding your dog is an incredible responsibility to take upon yourself. If you have decided to mate your dog, you need to prepare yourself for the pregnancy and everything a dog pregnancy entails.

Welcoming a litter of puppies from a dog that has been your pet is an extremely rewarding experience. However, it can also be an incredibly stressful time for a dog parent so informing yourself about the process is an important way to prepare.

What To Do Before A Pregnancy?

Pay attention to your dog’s behaviors so that you notice when she’s in heat. The estrous, or heat is marked by agitation and more aggressive behavior. You may also notice that your dog’s vulva is swollen and that there is discharge coming from it.

Once you recognize the signs of heat in your dog let her mate with the dog that you have chosen for breeding. After that, it is important to limit your dog’s interaction with other dogs. The heat cycle lasts for a couple of days, so you do not want your dog getting pregnant by some other dog.

After the mating, it is best to leave your dog alone and let her recuperate.

Identifying Pregnancy

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1. Lethargy

One of the first signs of pregnancy in dogs is increased in lethargy. If your once, very energetic dog finds herself napping excessively or becoming tired after very little exercise, then take this change seriously.

2. Changes In Appetite

Changes in appetite are also common indicators of pregnancy. Your dog’s appetite will probably fluctuate a lot depending on your dog’s breed and the stages of pregnancy. It may increase or decrease, and your dog might even start vomiting after eating certain foods.

If you see these signs in your dog after mating, then take her to the vet to get proper screening and testing done.

Pregnancy And What To Do?

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A dog’s pregnancy typically lasts between 57-65 days, with an average pregnancy period of 63 days. Mark the day of mating and plan for the litter of pups to come accordingly.

One of the most important things to do while taking care of a pregnant dog is making sure they are getting proper nutrition. If you already feed your dog high-quality food and she is not underweight, then you may not need to make significant changes to the diet in the beginning.

Since the weight of the dog increases in the last weeks of pregnancy, it is important to increase your dog’s food intake. This should be done in the sixth week, and you should try adding less fibrous foods.

Food intake should not be increased dramatically, rather it should be done gradually. Try feeding your pooch smaller, more frequent meals as large meals will probably cause more discomfort for her.

Normal routine exercise for your dog is fine until the abdominal size begins to grow. When you notice significant changes in the belly’s size, limit your dog’s exercise. Short, less strenuous walks are recommended.

Taking care of your dog through the pregnancy period is very important for the dog herself as well as a healthy litter. Dog pregnancies are extremely stressful but the most important thing to do is to make sure she gets regular checkups at the vet and to take care of her food and exercise.

Pregnancy and Dog Sitting

A dog’s pregnancy requires preparation, and it is the dog parent’s responsibility, therefore it is best to be around to take care of your pooch through this period. However, if you need a Gudog sitter to mind your pregnant pooch for a few hours or an odd day, be sure to inform them about the pregnancy and all the details of your dog’s needs to ensure a safe and pleasant stay.

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