Pugs! All there is to know..

The Pug, a breed best suited for a feature in a Sci-fi epic, with their squashed up faces, bulging eyes and toy size body. They are bred to be their owner’s best friend, food fanatics and a sucker for comfort, they are pretty good at becoming your shadow.

They are what could be considered the cutest, most loving stalkers you’ll ever come across.  Here we list some useful points to consider for owning a pug.


Health issues
Pugs have more health problems than most breeds because they have a flat muzzle, Pugs tend to snort, snore and wheeze when fluid gets caught under their palate. These situations usually sort themselves out. But their wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly, since they gather dry skin and if left infection occurs.

Due to their pushed in face the Pug has a shorter breathing passage and therefore far more susceptible to over heating, especially in high temperatures.

So in warm weather the pug needs to be watched carefully. Pugs like an ambient temperature. In cold weather, they can quickly catch colds. In hot weather, they can overheat and die. Air-conditioning is the way forward!


Watch their weight

They will do perfectly fine in an apartment, not needing a yard or lots of room to be happy. However make sure to ration their food, they are food obsessed with eyes definitely bigger than their bellies! Give them plenty of exercise or they will become obese, causing a shorter lifespan and other health problems.


Sensitive souls

The Pug is a sensitive soul, they are dignified animals and expect to be treated that way. Angry words or severe training could hurt their feelings and they will not react well to it. Remember they are royalty, they need to be respected as such!


Eye Problems

Pugs are very susceptible to eye problems. This includes cataracts, ulcers which can occur from scratching, dry eye, retinal atrophy, keratitis, and other eye problems. Because of their large, protruding eyes, Pugs are extra susceptible to injury and must be treated gently and lovingly. However not too lovingly, we know confusing, basically you squeeze a pug too hard and their eyes can pop out, so ease up on the hugs 🙂


Pug Dog Encephalitis

Commonly called PDE, Pug Dog Encephalitis is, as the name implies, unique to Pugs. Little if anything is known as to the cause of PDE, which is essentially an inflammation of the brain. Seizures are the primary symptom, followed by lethargy and loss of muscle coordination. Other symptoms range from aggression to pacing in circles to the Pug pressing against objects such as walls and people.


People Pugs
They love People (especially their owner) and children, they would be a great family pet as they can get on with anyone, although careful with young children around them. As quite a fragile breed it is not advisable to have small kids around them, kids tend to be naturally playful but with such a size difference this could lead to injury for your Pug.

It is a known fact once you Pug you can’t stop, one is not enough as such a loveable breed and loyal companions be careful not to catch the Pug bug!


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