Welcome home, puppy

If you are planning to get a puppy for your household, you have a lot of things to think about beforehand. Here are some things to keep in mind about taking care of puppies. 

Will you have time for it?

During the holidays it is quite likely you have a lot of free time on your hands and you feel an irresistible need to share it with a dog. Think of your usual day to day life, whether or not will you have time to take care of a dog: walking it, playing with it, feeding it, ect.

Will you have the patience?

Let’s be honest: all of us, who ever had to take care of a puppy, have lost patience at some point.  Puppies chew on things, relief they bladder wherever they want, wake up at down and do a bunch of other things for which one needs to be prepared.

Do I have space for another member of family?

As the saying goes – there’s always room for one more. However, depending on a type of a dog you will get, you need more or less space, a corner where the dog will have its bed, food and water bowls and toys and playspace.

Where can I adopt a dog?

Surely in your city you will find some shelters with dogs waiting to be adopted.

The advantages of adopting an adult dog

Majority of people come to the dog shelters in a search of a puppy they could adopt. But what about all these adult dogs that also want to be adopted? Adopting an adult dog has more advantages than we think:

  1. They spend more time waiting for a home, so they appreciate being adopted a lot more. They are much more aware of their situation they are in as opposite to many puppies that no any better than to stay in a cage.

  2. You don’t have to experience the ‘trauma’ of training a puppy. The majority of the adult dogs are trained and most of them were lucky to be trained by the volunteers in the shelters.

What happens if I want a purebred dog?

You’d be surprised by the number of purebred dogs that you can find in the shelters: bulldogs, dalmatians, Chinese crested, pomeranians, and so on. Visit several shelters to find the breed you are looking for, you will stumble upon it sooner or later (or in the meantime you might fall in love with some mixed-breed). And if you won’t encounter the breed you are looking for, our advice is to buy only from a trustworthy breeders! Otherwise you might end up buying an ill puppy.

Training at home

If you decided to adopt a puppy after all, remember that the first sixteen weeks of its life are crucial for its correct training. It is important that it is not separated from its mother and brothers in the first eight weeks, and for the other eight you should carefully expose it to all sorts of surfaces, noises, people and places. That is how you make sure your dog doesn’t fear nothing and no one!

What’s next?

After the settling in period you can start a basic training (to sit, lay down, stay still, etc.). It is advisable that specialists help you in this process in order to be able to attend all sort of places with your dog with a confidence it will behave.

And remember, you can always take some time off and leave your dog in good hands. Gudog is coming to London soon!

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