Summer activities with your dog

We have come up with some great activities for you and your dog to enjoy this summer, during the warmer weather there can be less lounging around in the house and more adventure, exercise, fun!

Backpacking & hikes!

Dog’s love physical activity and spending time with you, so this is the perfect combination. Remember to prepare your dog before strenuous activity, taking them on long walks to build up fitness.  Otherwise without some type of fitness conditioning it can be dangerous to your dog’s health.

Other preparation includes checking with a local authority to see if pets are allowed in the area where you’ll be trekking; some places allow dogs, but require permits. Pack enough water for you and your dog and of course don’t forget your dog’s backpack too!

Backpacks are great for dogs; it gives them a job, a greater physical challenge, re-focuses their attention from problem behavior and super easy to do!




Dog parks!

Dog parks are becoming more common, the majority are securely fenced, have safety signs posted with park rules, and require that you clean up after your dog (take some bags in case they’re not provided). Social dogs enjoy making new friends and returning to see them in an open area. If your dog is toy-sized, supervise him or her closely around other dogs. While trying to play, a big dog may injure a small dog unintentionally. Some parks have a section exclusively for small dogs.




Is your dog a ‘disc dog’ ? If the Frisbee drives them mad then they probably are. If your dog loves to play ball, then spice up both of your play time with a disc and get your dog involved in this great form of exercise. You may want to consult with your vet however, as a lot of jumping is involved and for many breeds it is not advisable to make them jump e.g. the Teckel.




Hide & Seek!

Playing hide-and-seek with a toy or item of clothing can be a tracking challenge for your dog. Wrap a treat in a piece of clothing and hide in a safe area for your dog to find. In summer be careful not to over-exude yourself and your dog, temperatures get high, while dehydration and exhaustion creep up on the both of you.

Or you may find like this Doberman hide and seek is a game for you to hide and her to seek 😀



Splash around!

You can either find a dog friendly pool or go to the biggest pool out there, the sea! Cool down while splashing around in the sun with your dog, not only is it great exercise, but also a wonderful way to avoid over-heating in the summer temperatures. Make sure if you go to the sea your dog is fit enough to escape waves and knows to answer your call. The sea can become dangerous very quickly and nobody wants their dog caught up in a tricky situation!




Let’s melt marshmallows!

A camping trip for you and your dog, is like their idea of a holiday. At Gudog we understand most like to enjoy their holidays in peace without having to worry if their dog is okay, that’s why we’re here! However, a day trip camping once in a while is perfect way to include your dog in a small family outing.

So check the tent is intact and get the marshmallows at the ready, because your dog will love nothing more than to sing around a campfire with you.




Relax and eat a ‘pupsicle’..

After all that fun it would be nice to relax in the sun with a juicy ‘pupsicle’ (for your dog of course). Basically an ice lolly for your dog, there are some great recipes out there with a range of flavours from fruit to bacon. If you need some ideas here is a link to get you started!



Whatever you and your dog choose to do this summer be safe and have fun! Although the sun looks and feels glorious, it can quickly cause problems for humans and canines.

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