Top 10: The most famous dogs in History

Oh my dog! Gudog made a new top for this new week.

We decided to present you an exhaustive list of famous dogs from today’s and yesterday’s History. They may become notorious thanks to their personal achievements or thanks to their master’s celebrity!

Let’s discover all these special dogs.


10. Bo, Barack Obama’s dog


Obama promised his two daugthers to adopt a dog once he will be president. The president kept his words and adopted Bo, a Portuguese water dog. Bo aroused criticism because of his race, but was chosen according to Malia Obama’s allergy. Bo is often called “The First Dog”. Sunny, a female Portuguese water dog,  joined the First Family in 2013.

9. Miss Asia Kinney, Lady Gaga’s pug


Miss Asia Kinney, Lady Gaga’s pug, has defied the most famous models and has become a figure of the fashion world. Miss Asia Kinney knows the pug life and poses with her mistress for the new Coach campaign.


11. Boo, the Instagram star



Boo is a Pomeranian and surely the most popular dog on Instagram. His master, an employee at Facebook, started a fanpage for his birth and since this moment, people never stop liking this little hairball. Go see his Instagram account: Buddy Boo Blue (@buddyboowaggytails)



9. Queen Elisabeth II’s corgis


The Queen’s predilection race: the Corgi! Moqued on social networks, but deeply loved by the monarch, Corgis are the canine symbol of the modern English royalty!


7. Nipper


You’ve probably recognized him! Nipper is the dog who served as a model for the painting named His Master’s Voice. This picture was the basis of several gramophones and record companies’ logo as Gramophone company, Berliner, JVC, HMV etc…


5. Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby statue


This little skye-terrier became famous in Scotland, especially in Edimburg, where the city raised a statue in his honour! Bobby was so attached to his master that he stayed on his grave until he died. Bobby is a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness and love.


4. Hachiko


Who didn’t cry in front of Hachi, the movie with Richard Gere? Hachiko, an Akita Inu from Japan, became famous by waiting his master every day at the Shibuya train station even after his death. Following the exemple of Bobby, a statue was raised in his honour as a symbol of love and fidelity.


3. Strelka et Bjelka


The dogs Strelka et Bjelka are the first animals sent to space who went back alive in the Spoutnik 5 in August 1969. There are so cute in their little space coats, aren’t they?


2. Balto


Balto, a jet black Siberian Husky sled dog bacame famous by leading his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run in Alaska, during the diphteria epidemic.  The run is commemorated by the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and a statue was raised in memory of Balto in Nome, Alaska. Balto died at 14 years-old.


1. Laïka

Laika collage

Laïka was the first dog, but most important the first living being to go to space, the 3rd November 1957. She was launched by the USSR in the Spoutnik 2. Despite Laïka’s death, this experience proved that a living being can resist and survive from a flight into orbit. A huge step in the space conquest!

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