Top 7: The evidences that your dog loves you

You love your dog unconditionnally and he makes you the happiest person on Earth. He jumps on you, licks you everywhere and asks over and over for cuddles 🙂 All these evidences show how your dog loves you.

Gudog built a list to let you discover all the evidences that proove your dog loves you. Some of them are very simple but have a true meaning for your dog, your best friend!

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1. He licks your face


Your dog can feel your feelings. Indeed, if you’re sad, afraid, or anxious, your dog will lick your nose and your mouth! This behaviour is a sign of deep trust!

2. He gives you little nose strokes


It often can be expained if your dog is asking for something, most of the time cuddles! But it’s also the evidence that he cares about you and pays a great attention to you.

3. He is lying with one leg raised


Once again, your dog is asking for cuddles over and over. This lazy behaviour is a sign of total trust above all. Your dog expresses this trust by being vulnerable.

4. He welcomes you by jumping on you


This bad habit is a reflex he had before, when he was a pupp and he welcomed his mother! Don’t be mad, he considers you as his mum!


5. He is waiting at the window/door


He misses you and expects your return as soon as possible by looking after through the window or in front of the door.


6. He looks at you with insistance


if your dog stares at you, it’s not because you’re beautiful or he wants to eat you! The expression translates a deep feeling of attention and love 🙂 You are the center of his life!


7. He is lying with thighs up


Sign of excitement and joy, your dog is asking for you to play with him 🙂 He is happy and only wants to be with you!


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