Why does my dog bark?

Humans speak, cats meow, cows moo and dogs bark. It´s one of a dog´s many ways to comunicate with us and other dogs, and for that, we should make an effort to learn what they want to tell us at all times.

In what situations does my dog bark?

  • When we go to the park

We should pay attention to when our god barks: They bark to initiate play with another dog? or on the contrary they bark to warn other dogs to keep a distance? In this case, we should consult a specialist before this problem becomes worse.

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  • When they hear a sound

Itś common our dog barks when they hear an unknown sound at home, for example, a knock at the door. Itś normal, itś their territory and they want to alert and protect us from strangers. Just don´t encourage that behaviour with caressing and treats, simply ignore it.

  • Things that scare them

Things change when the barking is in public, on a walk. Your dog barks at people, cars, including at the traffic lights. Again, consult with a specialist since your dog is scared when they shouldn´t be. We advise you don´t stroke  your dog in these situations, and expose them to anything they might be scared of (without causing trauma to your dog). Try to maintain all their attention when they are near something they don´t like. They have managed to pass by those angry traffic lights without barking? SWEET!


  • Separation anxiety

A dog owners biggest fear: to return from work to our disgruntled neighbour telling us our dog has spent the whole day barking. Not to mention destroyed cushions, scratched doors and a host of other disasters. This is what we know as “separation anxiety”, and it´s a problem we mustn´t ignore. We recommend you leave the house in short trips (a few minutes) and increase the time away with every trip. Never enter the house if you hear your dog bark or cry. Wait outside until a few seconds of silence have passed. Don´t do big farewells or greetings with your dog. Leave normally, and on return ignore them until they have calmed down. Reward your dog if they have been a few minutes without you in silence, and without breaking anything. Good boy!

Speak with a specialist if these tricks don´t work, but do not use shock collars on your dog. These collars release an electric charge in your dog when they bark, and in the long run are harmful for their health, physically and mentally. It doesn´t solve the problem, but simply camoflauges it. Discover why your dog barks and try to work on it, at the end of the day they are a member of your family.

If you still want to enjoy absolute silence in your home, but without renouncing the love of an animal, we encourage you to adopt a cat..or a Basenji!


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